Its our job to make you look good.

We're a development shop specialized in security, AI, payments, and enterprise applications.


Product development today is broken. Most projects end up late, over budget, and off-target disappointing users, upper management, and the people who worked hard to deliver the product.


We love solving problems. Its important to answer the important questions early in the discovery process. So by the time we begin design and development, we know exactly what we are building and whom it is serving.

We are a small, semi-autonomous group of nearly 30 highly motivated engineers, product owners, and designers. We are a think tank, a dev shop, a product incubator, and a bunch of dog lovers.


Smile! Your happiness matters

It’s our mission to exceed expectations every time. Not one, but two independent blind surveys conclusively show that systems we built using Virtuality have a greater than 96% approval rating with their target audience.

You have the vision and we have the skills to bring it to life

We combine our knowledge of structural design and development ability to build products that fit your true capability. Then we turn this capability into experiences that users love.

  • Web Design & Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Network & Backend Structure
  • iOS Mobile Applications
  • Cryptography & Security
  • Client & Customer Service
  • Analytics Dashboards


Creative squad


Jeff Johnson
Chief Innovation Officer

Mark Hoefling
Chief Operations Officer

Product Owners

Daniel Lauer
Product Owner

Karyn Aly
Product Owner

Technical Leads

Dave Campbell
Chief Technical Officer

Charles Forster
Director of Engineering



UX/UI Designers

Pete Dipietro
UI Designer

Orlando Villareal
Frontend Designer

Andrew VanCleave
Product Designer


Raj Kannon
Director of Development

Ana Raj
Team Manager

Sigamani Kumaravel
Backend/ Node.JS Developer

Jayaprakash George
Backend/ Node.JS Developer

Quality Assurance

Sharon Stevens
QA Director

Our Amazing QA Testers:
Leigh Onyett
Bryan Johnson
Sharon Stevens
Larry Stevens