Boy Scouts of America

Among our current clients is one of the most recognized and largest social service organizations in the United States.

We helped recreate their member management technology for their nearly 5 million active members and 20 million alumni members. This technology includes all registration, payment processing, and volunteer services.

We also developed  technology tools including mobile applications for the management of and use by participants of hundreds of their unique outdoor and high adventure activity facilities. These alone generate millions of member visits per year.

Below is a webpage we built as a resource for their technology department that outlines the different projects we are building for them and how we are implementing them. We worked with BSA on their technology goals, strategy, and roadmap.

Fore more information on this proprietary development we completed for them, please contact us.

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  • June 2016
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • The Plan for the Future of BSA Software