While the sharing economy is fantastic for the users, apps like Airbnb are creating problems for cities and regulators. Cities are suffering from the influx of people to the city without the hotel tax to help pay for infrastructure to support the heightened amount of people. Many big cities are looking for a compromise, as they also acknowledge there are benefits to the service, particularly for citizens that host and need the supplemented income.

So we thought, why not build an app that works with the cities? We’ve partnered with some awesome companies and cities to build an app that will:

  • Give travelers and locals a legal alternative to Airbnb, while boosting the local economy.
  • Give cities a way to benefit from taxes on a home-sharing and renting service.
  • Give cities the lion’s share of the profit stream, not Silicon Valley Billionaires.
  • Give cities control of their own short-term rental regulations.
  • Give cities an easy to use, online platform that replaces traditional Permitting with a digital Approval processes. This makes the entire process faster and better for city regulators and renters alike.
  • Give cities the ability to setup multiple zoning regulations to control the amount of rentals by number of days, beds, and homes.
  • Give cities the ability to promote and market their own Brand, not just a Product.


We have included some examples from our prototype wireframes and branding.