VersioPAY provides the tools and services ensuring all merchants and consumers have access to ‘integrity in commerce’ with simple, secure, inexpensive transactions by allowing merchants to process payments securely online while eliminating the need for a gateway fee by connecting directly to payment processors.

VersioPAY a small transaction processing module built to ensure merchants are compliant with EMV security standards online and offline. Since then, we have expanded our services to provide a suite of end-to-end transaction handling capabilities.

Our initial focus is on empowering hoteliers and PMS vendors to handle transactions with the utmost security and minimal operational overhead with minimal costs. The VersioPAY services allow hotels to accept payments and handle end-to-end transactions online and on their properties. The VersioPAY system works with PMS Vendors to improve their platform by embedding the capabilities to securely handle bookings and payments across multiple networks (i.e., payment networks and OTA networks).

Currently in use by several major PMS companies.