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Virtuality “The Reality of Atomic Design”

After years of design, discussion, re-design, alpha launches and beta we at SkunkworxLab are proud to announce the birth of Atomic Design for Web and Mobile platforms.  The days of overly large and complex Object Oriented designs are over.  Today’s world requires small, tight, fluid and flexible systems.  We can no longer afford to spend $$$$ on overly complex and convoluted systems that require even more $$$$ for large arrays of cloud based servers to operate.

The Universe is built out of 118 atoms, these atoms created billions of organic living entities.  We envisioned a world where technology could follow this highly successful example.  Today we finally can, with the advent of more advanced computing features we can finally realize this vision.

We call this Virtuality, the ability to take simple vi-atoms (virtual atoms), inject them with VNA (virtual node architecture) schematics, our version of DNA,  then let it come to life.  Using Virtuality we have designed and implements a series of architectural products that change the way we think of product development.  These products work in concert with each other to provide all the needed features of any modern day Mobile or Web based experience.